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Now four days since having the surgery, I'm mostly satisfied: colors are much brighter and more vibrant (and more pinkish, bluish, interestingly), my distance vision is now restored and fine, and I can see pretty well at intermediate distances, i.e.objects are clearly defined all the way in to about 23 inches away, perhaps even 21 inches away in bright light (yes, I notice some degradation in low light, more than I'd expected). For nearly two decades, “presbyopia-correcting” intraocular lenses (IOLs) have been available to post-cataract surgery patients, but for a variety of reasons they have garnered only modest interest.According to , presbyopia-correcting lenses only account for 2.4% of total IOLs implanted globally in 2014.I might expect only 20/32 or so (mean uncorrected near achieved in the U. Meanwhile, I'm struggling to make out these words as I type, pretty much anything inside of 23 inches is blurry, and in good light I can only make out the 20/80 line (if I really exert myself, I can barely make out, mostly by guessing, some of the 20/60 letters, but mostly they're entirely unrecognizable).I feel as if I could have gotten results like this simply by going with monofocals, and I'm beginning to fear this is as good as it'll get, which is depressing.This focusing phenomenon is accomplished through the elastic alteration in the shape of the crystalline lens.By ages 45 to 50, the blush of robust youthful accommodation reduces to a paltry 2 D, and the near point of vision extends to well beyond required reading range.

This fact made these lenses to be almost abandoned in the last few years, but there are currently other AIOL models being used with innovative mechanisms of action and different anatomical support outside the capsular bag that offer encouraging preliminary results that could bring a new potential of application to these types of lenses.Some background facts: Pre-op, I was mildly myopic (-1.75) in this eye and mildly astigmatic (about 0.94 cylinder).Also, at 44 I'd already gotten used to presbyopia, and typically would wear 1.25 readers for near.Until currently, virtually all surgical techniques that have been proposed for its correction are based on the induction of pseudoaccommodation in the presbyopic eye, including multifocality.However, the real restoration of accommodation is more complex, and it has been tried by the use of different, so called, “accommodative” pseudophakic intraocular lenses (AIOL).

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