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As a side dish of this dating casserole, add football practice and Parent/Teacher conferences. We approach this game/adventure from almost every imaginable angle. I will admit it; I understand the thought of dating someone with three children can be overwhelming.(Imagine: Pull out a red cape and put the S on my chest; que superhero theme music). We yearn to find the perfect roadmap that will lead us to our happily ever after, whether imagined or not. A potential suitor telling me he has three children will get a side eye from me as well and a note of reluctance.Arguably, one of the most frustrating aspects of online dating is creating your personal profile.

Now pour in dating as the final ingredient of the casserole.

But for the most part, it’s just been me and my son.

I’ve been in and out of church my entire life, but the heartache I went through last spring is what truly brought me to the foot of the cross to surrender myself and my dating life to God.

Welcome to #The Single Life Series at my blog, True Love!

Single moms are a crowd that’s NEVER addressed in the Church at large.

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