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As much as I would like to, I can't just manually insert these extra rows into the table because they would get deleted whenever Excel pulls new data from the SQL Database.

What you need is to look up and merge data from these sheets in Excel really quickly.In Excel, I have a spreadsheet that pulls data from a SQL Database into a table and then generates a report based on that data.Unfortunately, the data in this SQL database is incomplete and I want to include additional rows in the result set that are entered manually into the spreadsheet.You want to join (merge) the 2 tables into 1 combined table, so that in the 'Race' table, you can also see each horse's age, color, body mark (i.e., the info located in 'Horses' table). I need to copy data in 1 column from one worksheet to the other if data in 2 other columns match. Wizard Step 4 - Select what to be included in merged table The default is to include all rows from List1, and include only the matched rows from List2. In this case, only the 1st matched row from List2 is included in the merged table, and the Count of Matches value will be 2. Join is a tough database operation which Excel does NOT support.

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What I need is to get the matching rows of Table01 & 02 considering 'Group No' Column. Notes: After pasting the formula in A1, I extended the range to columns B, C, etc., until the full width of my table was reached.

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