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Predictive analytics quickly identify top account influencers and bring them into the sales process.

Smart recommendations, based on historical data, help salespeople combine the right mix of products and people to maximize the chance of winning the deal.

Endicia invented and patented technology for remote address verification, the personal postage system, and the virtual postage meter. Net’s secure transaction processing, please visit the Authorize.

The company received the prestigious Quality Supplier Award from the U. Postal Service in 1989, and has been a corporate standard for address hygiene and bar-coding at the U.

In continuation of my last post about the "business" aspects of an IAM project, this post will discuss two of Mark Dixon's "Ten Best Practices for Identity Management Implementation." Specifically, points 2, "Secure Sponsorship" and 4, "Select Project Leadership".

Projects, by their very definition (according to the PMI), require a sponsor.

Why, oh why, would anyone in a business roll out Win8 but not do the simple gratis updates to 8.1?

You can catch the commentary and real-time telemetry through Twitter by following the #mmsminnesota hashtag this week.

During his session today, Michael Niehaus has delivered some information that will be interesting to most of you, and primarily those wondering about options for update to Windows 10 once it releases publicly.

Since 8.1 is the only existing update path from 8.0 (ie, if you update 8.0 you will automatically wind up with 8.1), why does Microsoft keep referring to people using 8.0 but not 8.1?

The nomenclature changes are horrific and this underscores the problem.

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Our advanced Cloud CRM solution means they spend more time selling, more time thinking about creative ways to sell – and less on admin.

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